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ET’S Authentic Pickling Salt Canning Salt Australian made premium quality


ET’S Authentic Premium quality Australian Pickling Salt.

Our pickling salt is made here in Tasmania from Australian sea salt and it is the number one choice of those looking for a premium pickling and canning salt in Australia.

Made in Tasmania, beautiful fine grain pickling salt that dissolves quickly and tastes delicious.

Comes in 7 different convenient sizes. Buy today before noon, we post today.

No additives. (Please note, the 5kg size may be broken into two 2.5kg bags for postage reasons.)



100% pure Australian pickling salt – premium fine grained quality. 

Our pickling salt is made here in Tasmania from Australian salt and it is the number one choice of those looking for a premium pickling and canning salt in Australia.

This is not an imported product, it is locally produced from the finest salt.

This is a beautifully fine grained salt with no iodine, and no anti caking agents.

It is perfect for using in pickling and canning as the small grains dissolve quickly.

It is a very nice tasting salt for gourmet usage.

You can not buy this anywhere else – this is a genuine Australian made pickling salt.

We sell this in 50g – 100g – 200g – 400g and 1kg pouches.


When you purchase this product why not try our simple and fast Easy Pickle Recipe? See it below…

You just cut up the ingredients, put the salt and spices in the jars and put it in the fridge. After a couple of days you can start eating them! Delicious!

ET’s Easy Fridge Pickling Recipe for the home pickler.
ingredients.. 2 cups cold water ( don’t use tap water if you can avoid it). 1/3 cup white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon ET’s Authentic pickling salt, 2 teaspoons sugar, 1 to 2 crushed cloves of garlic depending on taste. ET’s Authentic Pickling Spice Mix (use to taste and it depends on the size of jar but I would use half the packet of spice mix for a 600ml jar).

method… cut cucumbers into desired pieces and place in jar.
Mix the liquids with the salt and sugar until dissolved. If you use our pickling salt it dissolves faster and gives a cleaner brine solution. Table salt will discolour the brine and make it cloudy.
Add ET’s Authentic Pickling Spice Mix at desired rate to top of jar.
Pour the liquid solution over the cucumbers.
Place lid on the jar and shake it a few times, gently, to ensure the mix is spread evenly.
Put your mix in the fridge and sample it tomorrow.
Over the next few weeks the flavours change everyday as the cucumbers are infused with the seeds from the mix.
(they will keep in the fridge quite well for a month, but mine never last that long!)

I hope you enjoy pickling cucumbers – I do!

Remember – if you want to keep your pickled food crisp, fresh and naturally coloured, you need to use the highest standard salt.
We recommend you try our pickling salt and see the results for yourself.


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