ET’S World Famous Popcorn Chicken Spice Mix


Mildly spicy, delicious and perfect for all the family – the kids will love it.
Our Popcorn Chicken Spice Mix is highly sought after and consumed eagerly!
Please note each packet is 150g and contains flour and spices.
Not sure how to use it? Try our recipe below…

How to make Popcorn Chicken

200g chicken breasts
250 ml buttermilk. *** buttermilk makes a HUGE difference.See below for alternatives.
40g of our Popcorn Chicken Spice Mix

Marinate the chicken in the buttermilk for at least one hour, but overnight would be better.
Ensure the chicken pieces are completely coated in the buttermilk and dip into a bowl with the spice mix.
Really work the mix into the chicken pieces, all over.
Fry the pieces in hot oil for 3 to 5 minutes.

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You asked for it! Here it is… ET’S Popcorn Chicken Spice Mix

This product is premixed with flour so all you need it some buttermilk or your alternative and mix with the packet.

Each packet is 150g.

Possible alternatives to buttermilk?

You can use milk, just add some vinegar or lemon juice to make it acidic.

Or you can add unsweetened yoghurt and milk.