Habanero Chilli Powder – Scorching hot chilli powder 20g


A very hot and flavoursome chilli powder made from unique Tasmanian grown Red Habanero chillies.

Great flavour with a super hot bite!

We make this powder from chillies we grow so this product is seasonal and limited and very rare.

Colour – red

SHU – 300,000


Availability – rare

Uses – gourmet chilli powder, amazing flavour and heat.

20g sachet, resealable.

We grow our own chillies – we make our own chilli powder!

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A scorching hot and flavoursome Red Habanero chilli powder, freshly made this summer.

Availability is very limited as we produce this from our own chillies –  so buy it now before it is gone!

20g sachet, resealable.

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