Mignonette Pepper Canadian style pepper blend Shot Pepper


Classic French Canadian Mignonette Pepper blend in both peppercorn and course ground style.

Features black and white peppercorns and coriander seeds.

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This mignonette pepper blend is a classic Canadian style blend of black and white peppercorns along with Coriander seeds for extra citrus tones.

Ideal for roasting beef, lamb or poultry.

Originally a french idea for a course peppercorn blend, “mignonette pepper’ has a different meaning in different regions.

Whilst it traditionally refers to the course ground of pepper, we offer it to you in both states – as peppercorns, or as a course ground pepper. If you purchase this product as a course grind, we grind it for you today to ensure it arrives in maximum freshness.

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Peppercorns, Course Ground