PORTULACA Double Flowered Mix 500 seeds flowers spring garden


PORTULACA Double Flowered Seed Mix

Portulaca grandiflora 500 premium quality seeds

Portulaca Double Flowered is an annual flowering plant that is drought resistant and grows to a height of around 20cm. It is a semi succulent low growing plant perfect in rockeries, along paths and edges, and in hanging baskets. Will tolerate most soils.

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Please NOTE – Due to quarantine laws we can not send seeds to WA. 


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Portulaca Double Flowered Mix sowing guide
When to sow Portulaca seeds

Sub Tropical

How to sow your Portulaca seeds

Sowing Depth1mm
Germination time7-14 days
Germination temperature20-30°C (soil temp)
Row Spacing30cm
Plant Spacing30cm
ConditionsFull/part sun
SoilWell drained
Days til Maturity50+
NOTES : Do NOT overwater, doesn't like soggy soil.

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