Pure dried Vanilla bean caviar seeds – Madagascar vanilla


Vanilla is the second most expensive spice and Bourbon caviar seeds are the premium grade of vanilla.

These are 100% vanilla bean caviar seeds that have been dried and powdered with nothing else added.

Available in 3 sizes, see below for further information.

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Bourbon vanilla is grown in Madagascar, it is a premium form of the second most expensive spice.

Vanilla bean caviar seeds are the seeds inside the vanilla pod. They contain the most intense of vanilla flavours.

They are scraped out, dried and then powdered with nothing else added. They are a dry powder. They are 100% vanilla.

Pure dried vanilla bean caviar seed powder is best used in dry mixes in cooking and baking where it retains its flavour. It does NOT dissolve with water or liquids.

A premium product for those who want to use the best.


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10g, 20g, 50g