Tasmanian Meteor Blast Spice mix – 50g


The earth moved as the meteor blasted across the Tasmanian skies on September 20, 2019 and to celebrate this fiery event we have crafted a special Tasmanian Meteor Blast spice mix for you.

It will give you a blast that makes your windows rattle, and lights up your night!

The chillies used in this product come from chillies that were growing on the night the meteor exploded above them. Imagine the cosmic dust that sprinkled down up them that night!

Amazing flavours, amazing taste.

Made for you today, posted today.

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A hot and full flavoured spice mix for meat rubs, or just to sprinkle over any dish.

Versatile, exciting and fiery with a touch of cosmic dust to bring you closer to being at One with the Universe.

Try it now!


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Weight 50 g