This business is for sale for $1

When COVID hit I had two micro businesses I was running, this web based business selling spices and another selling vegetable seeds. During COVID both did well, but the vegetable seed side of things has grown faster leaving me with not enough time or energy to also keep the spices business running strongly. Over the last year or so it has suffered because I don’t have enough time for it.

Rather than seeing it collapse completely I have decided to sell it, for $1. Before you get too excited it will cost you more than that. Because any transfer of this business and the website will involve a lot of stuffing around on my part, I will charge you $5,000 as a once off fee, payable in advance, to assist in the transfer and setting up of the business on your web hosting, and it also helps cover the fees I am paying the next few months to keep the website going, like hosting fees, business registration fees, domain name fees etc.,

So, in total, it will cost you $1 plus $5,000.

For this, you will receive the domain name of this website and the Australian business names registration for it. You will receive all the content of this website that is spice related. (I will have removed the seed part of this website) You will receive all the sales data that exists in this website currently, so that gives you the customer database. You will receive all the recipes for spice mixes that appear on this website. And when the website is transferred to you I will assist you in setting it up and getting it running. I will also be available, reasonably, for consultation whilst you settle in for the first two months.

You will NOT receive my sales data for all spices sales coming from the spice side of my business, other than this website. You will not receive my tax information.

If you are interested my contact details are on this website. The earliest any transfer could occur would be early July.