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Speciality gourmet herbs and spices for the home user.

Herbs and Spices Australia



If you are having trouble placing your order here are some suggestions.

1 – if you can’t place an order, for any reason, we are happy for you to email your order to us.

Our email address is salesSB@herbsandspicesaustralia.com

What we need from you are…

The name of the item – best to copy and paste this from the website.

The size selection, if relevant, and the quantity you require of that item.

Then we need your Paypal email address, so we can send you an invoice to pay. And we need your shipping address.

Email all this information to us, and we will respond in a few hours, at most, with the total, including shipping, in an invoice.

You then pay that using Paypal, or as a guest using a credit card, and once payment is received we send your products within 24 hours. Simple.

2 – If you are overseas and want us to send to you, we can do this BUT ONLY if your nation does not have ANY restrictions on the personal import of dried spices. You need to check YOUR nations laws first before asking us to send to you. You will be responsible for ALL customs fees and charges, and if the item is confiscated because of government regulation, there will be no refund. Under NO circumstances will we post vegetable/herb seeds to you.

If you are an overseas customer, you can not order directly from the website, you will need to email us first and let us know what you are interested.

Hope that helps.