ET’S Authentic Pickling mix – for cucumbers 50g


ET’S Authentic specialist pickling mix for cucumbers.

Premium quality pickling mix.

50g resealable sachet.

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If you love pickling but don’t know how to make your own pickling mix, then try our ET’S Authentic Pickling Mix.

The easiest way to get into pickling TODAY!

And if you use the simple recipe below you can make simple fridge pickles today that you will be eating in a few days – and all without the mess and bother of sterilising jars and boiling things.

Combine our Pickling Mix with ET’S Authentic Pickling Salt and you will make pickles that the whole family will enjoy. And you don’t have to just pickle cucumbers. You can pickle just about any vegetable you want.

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ingredients –
2 cups cold water ( don’t use tap water if you can avoid it), 1/3 cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon our ET’s Authentic pickling salt. 2 teaspoons sugar, 1 to 2 crushed cloves of garlic depending on taste, ET’s Authentic Pickling Spice Mix (use to taste and size of jar but I would use half the packet of spice mix for a 600ml jar). You don’t need to sterilise your jar, just run it under a hot tap for a few moments washing the inside, the rim and the lid.


cut cucumbers into desired pieces and place in jar.
Mix the liquids with the salt and sugar until dissolved.
If you use our pickling salt it dissolves faster and gives a cleaner brine solution.
Table salt will discolour the brine and make it cloudy.
Add ET’s Authentic Pickling Spice Mix at desired rate to top of jar.
Pour the liquid solution over the cucumbers.
Place lid on the jar and shake it a few times, gently, to ensure the mix is spread evenly.
Put your mix in the fridge and sample it tomorrow.
Over the next few weeks the flavours change everyday as the cucumbers are infused with the seeds from the mix. (they will keep in the fridge quite well for a month, but mine never last that long!)

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