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Yellow Cayenne chilli seeds – Premium Chilli seeds


Premium quality Tasmanian grown Yellow Cayenne Chilli seeds. Amazing yellow colour when ripe.

Grown this summer. Limited quantity. Order today we post today. FREE POSTAGE.

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We grow our own chillies for our spice mixes, and also sell the seeds of the chillies we grow here in Tasmania.

These Yellow Cayenne Chilli seeds are from this seasons crop and available in limited quantity.

Each packet of chilli seeds contains between 10 premium quality chilli seeds that we have grown.

These chillies have a rich yellow colour to them when ripe and are quite spicy. They make a beautifully chilli powder when dehydrated.

I would rate them as a 7/10 in heat.

Please NOTE – Due to quarantine laws we can not send seeds to WA. We can send to every other state.